Today I removed the Romas.

Today, I decided to pull out my Romas.  I had a long list of garden chores to do & this definitely wasn’t on it.  When I looked at the plants this morning, I was concerned that they may not survive long enough to ripen the tomatoes.  You can see how bad the fungus was on the leaves.

While cutting the plants back & harvesting, I found a couple of fruits like this.  Hmmm. Someone’s been eating my fruit.

What you can’t see here is the huge garden trug.  This was two plants & it overfilled the trug.  

The roots impressed me when I pulled the plants.

Of course, there’s the risk some or all of these won’t ripen.  We are going to set up a “ripening station” of sorts, with bananas and other fruit, to help the process.  I’ll update once I know the total # of tomatoes.  There are about a dozen tomatillos and a handful of jalapeños in this harvest.

The size of the peppers this year is impressive.


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