The never-ending rain…

We’ve been in a drought here in Georgia for over a year.  Since there are still places in south GA that are suffering for rain, we remain in a Category 2 Regional Drought Response. Basically that means we can’t wash our cars or pressure wash the house.

Meanwhile, our county is well out of the actual drought (official response be damned) & has been dealing with daily rain for a while.  

Tomatoes don’t like water on their leaves.  If they can’t dry out, they quickly develop fungal diseases which can jeapordize the plants.  My Romas are struggling with the rain, which is clear looking at the leaves.  I’ve been pulling the lower limbed leaves for a couple weeks, as I see them yellowing, but now it’s affecting entire plants.  Generally I water from under the soil, via a buried hose, but I’ve actually only had to water THREE TIMES this entire season since I planted the bed – in April.

As determinant tomatoes, they’ll come up for harvest soon.  I have hope we can hold the fungus at bay long enough to ripen the fruit.

The plants still have a lot of fruit maturing on the limbs, but you can see the spots on the leaves.

In contrast, the cherry tomato plants are indeterminate and will produce into fall.  They’re not as bothered by fungal diseases…”as” being the key word.  

I love how these grow in clusters.

Just a shot over the main bed looking towards the berry hill.  Look at that echinacea!! 

Note the photobomb tomatillos…

The rain caused a bit much growth for the blackberry lillies.  They’ve started to lay down – I need to stake them up.


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