Distracted by my plants on the way out the door to work.

K’s peas!  I’m going to take her out there tonight to harvest these.

I count 12 jalapeños in this photo.  Plus the one I cut off last night…& this is just one plant.

Do you see it?  A red Roma!  It’s almost time to harvest the roma tomatoes.

The rain has been so frequent this spring/summer that my tomato plants have some fungal activity on the lower branches.  I’ve been actively pruning the most affected branches every couple days, so the bottoms of he plants are just about all stall and fruit.  You can see it here – the brown/yellow spots.  When they can’t dry out, fungal diseases flourish.  I densely planted on purpose, yet I gave each plant 4 square feet.  They just are so big and full they can’t fully dry.

The flea beetles are out in force, snacking on the leaves of both the Romas and tomatillos.  They’re not killing any plants so for now, I’m just taking a watch and see approach.

My tenacious volunteer bean plants!!

The garden gnome is hiding in the tomatillos.  (See the flea beetles damage here too?)

This is a mystery plant nearby.

A closed blackberry lily bloom.


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