Oh look, I can grow the things.

This is the part of Summer when I recognize that I usually slack off on blogging the garden.  It’s too soon for harvest and the plants are just growing so I feel it’s a lot of “Oh look, it’s bigger and has fruit. Woot. I can grow the things.”
So, in an effort to move past that I present to you the garden as of 6/5.
Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes by the kitchen

The main garden bed


Purple basil

Volunteer yard-long beans from past gardens growing alround the solarizing bed

Pathetic little sweet basil

Roma plants


That’s a lot of Romas 

Outside our backyard gate, I have some heirloom day lillies, a dahlia, and last year added some tiny little blackberry lilly plants.  This year, the balcberry lillies came in and here are around 3′ tall! I’ll have to move them behind the daylilly later this year.  The daylilly will also get thinned/divided.
There’s a dahlia in there too…what was I thinking!?

Heirloom daylillies


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