Bees, mystery & volunteer plants, & fruit coming in!

I have no idea what these plants are.  They’re 18-24″ tall and resemble onion/garlic.  These are at the top.  They’re growing along the fence at the top of our back hill.

A couple weeks ago I dug up several baby echinacea plants that were coming up around the parent plants, and transplanted them up on the hill.  I thought they didn’t make it, but here’s evidence that some did!  It looks like I’ll end up with 3-5 echinacea along the top of the hill, with the lantana, rosemary, rue, wormwood, and queen anne’s lace.

Rue.  I just missed getting a photo of a bee on the flowers – this plant is toxic to pets (and fortunately isn’t attractive to them so I’m not concerned about mine) and requires care if you touch it.  There is a substance on the plant that creates a phototoxic reaction.  In the sun, it’ll cause blisters not unlike poison ivy.  Why do I have it in the garden?  Because I need pollinators!  We are losing bees with all of the spraying (did you know the mosquito spraying many towns do to prevent Zika kills other bugs too?  Even the beneficial & important ones?)

Yeah!  I found a bee!  It was enjoying a snack on my blackberry flowers.

Thornless blackberries.

Um.  This looks suspiciously like a squash.  It could be a volunteer, as it’s along the side of the solarizing bed that used to be one of our garden beds.  It’ll get pulled – I need the garden to rest this year in an effort to combat the variety of cucurbit pests we’ve fought in recent years.

My hand, extended shoulder high, for scale.  The tomatillos are nearly 4′ tall along the back.  I will need to add more twine (higher up) this week.

Lots of Romas are coming in!  These are determinate tomatoes so I can expect to harvest all the fruit within a relatively short span of time.  I’ll take them out of the garden at that point.

Tomatillo flowers.

At this point, I can’t begin to count the tomatillos on the plants.

Heathly, large, and thick tomato leaves.

The cherry tomatoes in the kitchen garden are getting big.  They’re over 3′ tall and wide.

Cherry tomato leaves.

I rooted a basil clipping by placing it in water for a couple weeks.  I put it in the dirt today.

More volunteer Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes!

Kitchen garden.


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