Baby jalapeños and tomatoes!

A baby jalapeño!  I know it’s almost summertime when the jalapeños start to set fruit.

Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes produce clusters of tiny cherry tomatoes.  Usually growing in bunches of 6-8 fruit, the tomatoes are firm, sweet tomatoes perfect for salads.  Or for little fingers to pull off and eat fresh off the plant…

I’m not sure about the source for the little holes since I’ve not seen any pests, but the plants are hearty and growing quickly.  Over the weekend, I noticed a *visible* difference from morning to dusk in just one day!  I wish I’d thought to capture it in the morning to compare at bedtime.

This variety is a vining tomato, which requires help to keep itself upright as it grows.  After taking these pictures I pruned several branches off the bottom of the plants because they were laying on the ground.  Even though these are fruiting and growing strongly, I still prune the bottoms to help prevent fungal infections on the plants.

It was everything I could do to convince K that it wasn’t quite time to pick this little tomato.  In another day, it’ll be bright red and I’ll let her eat it.  It’ll be our first ripe tomato of the season!

The two cherry tomato plants in our kitchen bed.  That bed is 2’x12′, so this is approximately a 6′ section.


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