The garden is trellised!

I had the idea to remove the tomato cages in preparation to install the Florida twine trellis.  That wasn’t a good idea, as you can see from this poor tomato.  I took the cage off the plant in the evening and by the next morning, the plant was laying down.

I know better.  So, I thought I’d try to put the cage back on.  With help, I managed to put it back on upside down (wide part down.)  The plant wasn’t happy.


Things were getting pretty tight in there – the borage was a little wilty once I moved the tomato leaves aside.  It was good we were in there to do the trellis!  You can see some of the trellising here – this was mid-project.


For some reason, my sweet basil wasn’t doing well in this bed.  I suspect my little dog might have been the cause, but with the tomatoes so lush it was getting crowded anyways.


Here you can see the first row of tomatoes trellised.  We trellised around the cages, offering additional support.


The vertical supports are 8′ tall, with screws installed every 8″ or so from the bottom to the top.  I use the screws to keep the twine from sliding around on the post as the plants get heavy.  By facing the pointed ends inward, I ensure no one is accidentally hurt by running into a screw.


The basil plants in their new home a couple feet away from their starting place.


This shows how the screws hold the twine in place.


The wilty tomato started to come back pretty quickly.


The verticals look crooked, but I used a level when I installed them into the sides of the bed.  I’m sure there is some warp, but it really isn’t important aside from cosmetics.

We still need to install the edging and mulch around the bed, then remove the mess from the corner to the right.  We’ll use that area to hide our recycling cart.


Now that the Soil3 dirt/compost has been in the bed a few weeks, I wanted to show it’s texture.  It dries at the surface, and balls up.  It breaks apart pretty easily.  The plants seem to like it.



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