Drying herbs, plus echinacea, berries, & volunteers 

Have you ever dried your fresh herbs?
When I pulled out my dill plant, I harvested all of the usable herb off the stems and dried it in my oven.  It’s super easy and gives you garden-grown dried herbs to use year-round!

Just set your oven to its lowest temperature. Using a cookie sheet, lay some parchment paper down and spread the herbs across the paper.  

Put it in the oven for an hour or so, checking on it periodically. It’s done when it’s crumbly/crunchy.  Dill takes less time than more substantial leaves, such as sage or basil.

This works on any herb you grow in your garden, by the way.

I also dried some purple basil.

Volunteer cherry tomatoes keep showing up.  All of those little containers contain 1-2 baby tomato plants.  I’m trying to give them away.

Our blueberry bush, up on Berry Hill.

Blackberry blossoms

A volunteer blackberry bush – they spread so easily!

This rosemary was originally half of a Bonnie peat pot rosemary plant, in 2013.  I put the shovel next to it for scale.  It’s massive.

Echinacea (coneflower) is so beautiful, even before it fully blooms.

I found some volunteer marigolds and green beans alongside the solarizing bed, which was the footprint of the old garden bed where I grew those the last two years.


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