Peas and other fun stuff

April 29, 2017

I added cages to the tomatoes and peppers.  I’ll be adding secured wooden verticals and twine ala “Florida trellising” soon.  These cages aren’t very sturdy because they can’t go very deep, unless I pierce the ground cover.  That would defeat its purpose so they’re a temporary measure until I have time for the other.

I used the Florida trellis style last year with my Matt’s Wild Cherries in the kitchen garden. More on that later, but you can read about it here: Florida trellis

We added peas for K in the front.  Actually, she planted them and is so excited!

Peas are starting to come up!

Tomatoes – you can see the borage sprouts to the left.  I’ve got some planted in the middle of the tomatoes.  Borage is supposed to be very good for tomatoes companion planting.) It also attracts pollinators, which should help with production.

Right after his photo, I harvested some dill and dried it.  It’ll need to come out soon, so it doesn’t inhibit the Romas.

I have some little tomatillos on the plants!


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