Baby jalapeños, flowering sage, and growing!

May 17, 2017

The kitchen garden is coming along nicely, assuming Teddy stays out of it.  The spinners are intended to discourage him.

L to R:

Sweet basil (front)

Chives (back)

Purple basil

Volunteer tomatoes I need to give away

Parsley (has recovered from the shock!$

Cilantro (rear)

Winter savory (front)

The cherry tomatoes are doing well.  I’ve added the Florida trellising for these, which is visible here.  We need to install the rabbit fence (rolled up on the left.)

The Romas are getting big! I’ll add the trellis twine this weekend.

Layla is still helpful.

Can you see the jalapeños?

My catnip finally woke up.  I added some of the good compost first to the pot because I was worried he potting soil already in the pot was depleted.

Pineapple Sage flowers resemble bee balm.

It seems K planted too many peas.

The big picture.

We plan on installing edging around the fabric and covering that with mulch.


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