May 1, 2017

Um. The change 2 days makes.  Wow.

I took this about 48h after the one in the previous post.  Nasturtiums are coming up (companion plants), the peas are coming up, and the rest of the plants are visibly bigger.

K’s peas!

In the kitchen garden, I have two Matt’s Wild Cherry plants.  Baby tomatoes!

These were K’s favorite last year.  We picked easily a quart or more every day.  The plant we had grew easily 7-8′ tall, then fell over and grew another 9-10′ along the trellising.  Not sure about the little holes. I don’t see pests yet…

You can see the tomatoes at the far end of the kitchen bed here.

I also butchered my old, HUGE chive plant, rinsed the roots/bulbs extensively to remove the old dirt, and put some into each bed.  I also added cilantro at some point.

We need to put the rabbit fence back around this bed. Teddy and the cats like to get into it on the regular.  I’m not a fan of pee on my basil.


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