The kitchen bed

April 15, 2017

I started the kitchen bed!  We moved the pots of herbs from their holding cell/the kitchen garden.  They rested on the patio for a while.

We added the good dirt (the Soil3 we bought at the Master Gardener’s Sale) to the existing dirt here and filled it up.

From the front:

Winter savory (L)


Purple basil

Sweet basil

A note on the parsley – it came from the old bed.  I may or may not have completely and thoroughly removed the old dirt from the roots.  The plant pretty much went into shock.

One of these days, I’ll manage a pretty garden/yard.  This is a work in progress.  All the kitchen herbs from the old garden, in pots, plus other pots that used to contain various mints.

For some reason, even though we had a mild winter, none of my old mints came back this year.

I might need to turn the composter more frequently.  It’s sprouting!


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