Brand new bed and brand new dirt!

We went to the Forsyth County Master Gardener’s Sale.  I let the salesperson talk me into buying a giant bag of compost.  It was 1 cubic yard of organic dirt & they delivered it to my driveway!   You can buy some yourself at here. I know they serve at least north Georgia and part of the Carolinas.

I decided to lay 30y landscape fabric as a Bermudagrass barrier. It’s completely water permeable.

We build a new bed for the right, using 1×12 boards and corner blocks, similar to the strawberry bed we built last year.

You can see the remnants of the left bed, covered with thick translucent plastic.  Solarization essentially cooks the dirt over a period of weeks or months, killing soil-borne pathogens.  My hope is that if I keep this covered all summer, by fall I’ll have healthy dirt.  Usually people solarize for a few weeks.  I’m going for April-October. It gets hot here.  Crossing my fingers…

Obviously I sacrificed garden space to do this, so we only have this 4×8 bed and our kitchen garden for now.  I’ll probably do the sweet potato bed again too.

April 10, 2017

This is some yummy dirt.

We had to shovel it into the wheelbarrow and move it one load at a time to fill the bed.

It’s like a blank canvas of perfect dirt.

April 11, 2017

K is my faithful garden assistant.

Referencing the late start this year, I went with plants and not seeds.  In this photo, front to back:

Pineapple Sage (r)

(4) jalapeños

(2) purple basil

(2) sweet basil

(4) Roma tomatoes


Lemon Thyme

(6) tomatillos (yes that’s too many but I’ll trellis them up & potentially over the fence.)

Tomatillos with thyme in the background

Dill…this is beneficial to the tomatoes to a point.  Once they start getting big and the dill mature, the dill has to come out.

Lemon thyme

A close up of the dirt.  It makes little balls.

We buried a flat hose to soak the plants at the roots.  My old, traditional soaker lives in the sick dirt so it had to go.


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