The okra bed…otherwise known as the okra, glads, sweet potatoes, & butternut squash bed.

Y’all know she loves to help me garden.  She was squashing bits of clay in her fingers to help me 😂

We put up a visual barrier in an effort to keep the toddler and the dogs out…& to keep the teens from mowing the bed.  Don’t laugh, it would happen.

There are also gladiolus in the bed.  The butternut squash will climb the trellis you see in the foreground.  I’ve also got sunflowers & giant zinnia along the fence.

Sweet potatoes 

Okra transplanted into the garden bed. I’m so excited…I’ve wanted this bed for three years!

Our county offers free mulch. We used my son’s truck and brought back a full load.  Using it to keep moisture around the baby plants.

See our composter?  We lucked out getting a tumbleweed composter on Craigslist recently.  We plan on digging out our flat compost shortly and using this as the primary composter.


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