Flowers in the garden.

The first spring after we bought the house in early 2013, we discovered that we have a BEAUTIFUL Asiatic lily bed just outside our doggie door.  When they emerge, I know summer has arrived.  These are some of my favorite.  They make stunning cut arrangements. The bed blooms for about six weeks, starting in May.

Echinacea. Also known as coneflower, I’ve got four echinacea plants up on “berry hill.”  They come back every spring after dying to the ground in late fall.

Blackberries.  The result of the recent cold snap (or Blackberry Winter), my thornless blackberries are now blooming.  

Bachelor’s buttons. Also known as cornflower, this is an annual but it freely reseeds so they come back every year! I’ve got them in pots on my patio…planted in 2014 for the first time.Daylillies. We have several varieties around the property. This one is at the mailbox.

Clematis. This gorgeous flower lives at our mailbox. Planted in 2014, it comes back bigger and prettier every year! 

Marigolds and petunias.  Amazing companions with a punch of color.

Did you know radishes bloom? Me neither!

A beautiful orange echinacea.

Zinnia are growing In the patio pots. I am SO EXCITED about these. Zinnia and dahlia are some of my favorite flowers.

More zinnia growing with some bachelor’s buttons.

Finally (for now) here are some more of my Asiatic lily bed.  These photos are not edited. They really are that vibrant!


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