Coreopsis, toddler gardening, & updates on all the garden beds!

One of my favorite summer perennials is coreopsis. Also called tickseed, it is perfect for the hot Georgia summers.  It tolerates dry conditions, flowers all summer, is cheerful, looks great in cut arrangements, spreads readily (yet is not invasive), and comes in varieties from just a few inches tall to several feet tall.

The rear right bed has jalapeños, basil, dill, Rosemary, tomatoes & radishes/garlic (to repel pests.)

The chives are going NUTS in the front right bed! There are also wee tomatillo seedlings, parsley, thyme, two tomatoes, spinach, and basil! The fencing keeps the dogs out but my cats are naughty 😂 They keep digging up my asparagus bean seeds along the fence line here.

The Zukes went into the center bed! Wish me luck – trying to prevent squash bugs this year primarily via companion plants. The oregano is huge…very happy! The borage in back should help quite a bit.

Scallop squash, pineapple sage, kitchen sage, radishes and garlic.

Cucumbers, yellow squash, borage, asparagus beans (along the outside to grow up the fence.

The lettuce bed is very happy. 

Leggy catnip is starting to fill in nicely.

My daughter is not even 3, but she loves to garden! She is watering our new dogwood tree here.


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