Update from the seedlings.

catnip garden cumming georgia tracey baggett-preston seedlings
The catnip seeds have sprouted & the seedlings are maturing. Ill have a couple ready to transplant in probably a week or so.
chamomile cumming georgia seedlings greenhouse travey baggett-preston
I’m happy to see chamomile seedlings growing.
milkweed monarch butterflies georgia cumming forsyth county master gardener tracey baggett-preston
Milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterflies will eat – it’s an important thing to grow! This small pot is one I purchased at the Master Gardener show. We’ve got some seeds in the fridge ready to germinate soon.
dill cumming georgia tacey baggett preston garden
Finally!! Dill seedlings!
toddler seeds garden travey baggett-preston cumming,ga
K got these little pots in her Easter bag, which was her garden bag and tools. We planted them together and she’s thrilled they are growing!
marigolds daisies cumming heorgia travey baggett-preston
African daisies are also known as African marigolds. They are powerful beneficial companion plants in the garden. It doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful as well.
okra tomatillos tracey baggetttt-preston
Okra and tomatillos
cucumbers companion plant cumming georgia beetle tracey baggettPreston
Once the nasturtiums I planted directly into the garden come up, Ill move several of these to the main garden. I have strog concerns about cucumber beetles, which transmit bacterial wilt to cuke olants. Nasturtiums help repel the cucumber beetles. I also have radishes planted throughout the gardens to further help repel the bugs.
Nasturtiums direct-sowed into the kitchen bed around where the cukes will go soon.
nasturtiums cat seedling
These nasturtiums were pre-sprouted in peat pots and are to be transplanted to the garden soon. Nasturtiums don’t like being transplanted so I have had better luck with directly sowing them, assuming the cats don’t dig them up.
nasturtiums tracey baggett-baggett
The nasturtiums don’t transplamt well LOL!


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