Garden Gnome Lesbian Georgia garden

Things are changing quickly after several 80+ degree days!

We found this adorkable little gnome recently. My wife said if I was a gnome, I would look like this one.

We have had several days over 80* this week so the garden is taking off quickly!  I planted the blackberry lilies, lavender plants, and dahlia tubers this week.

I also planted the tomatoes & jalapeños.  I used Epsom salt, egg shells, & bonemeal in the holes for each plant.  Epsom salt provides plants the needed magnesium to grow thick and healthy foliage. It’s a well-known folk additive for gardens.  Egg shells provide calcium to the soil, which staves off blossom end rot, a dreaded problem for tomato gardeners.  Bonemeal is made from real beef bones.  It provides phosphorus and additional calcium for the plants.
Unfortunately, it also attracts animals.  I planted an heirloom chocolate cherry tomato I purchased at the Master Gardener show…only to discover it dug up & broken in two pieces less than 30 minutes later. #naughtlayla apparently loves bonemeal.



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