The greenhouse is up! Toys. Hail.

It’s important to “harden off” your seedlings before setting them out in the weather.  The average last frost date for my zone is April 10 every year, so I set my seedlings in the greenhouse on the patio a day or two before that date so they can get used to the weather outdoors.  If it frosts after they’ve been set out in the greenhouse I either bring them in or if it isn’t too terribly cold I’ll just cover the greenhouse with a sheet.

This year I ended up covering the greenhouse for 3 nights that dipped into the mid 30’s around the frost date.  I prefer to leave them out and just cover them if possible, because the shock of going inside after being outdoors isn’t good for the plants.

Most of our seeds sprouted indoors, but we had bad luck with dill, alyssum, African daisies, and catnip.  Starting those again outdoors in seed pods soon…

Since cilantro is a cool weather crop I went ahead and put it out there.  I also added several lettuce heads I bought on deal at Pike’s.  They were overgrown so I got the lettuce bowl 1/2 price.  I cut the leaves, we had a great salad, and then I planted them all.  Hopefully we’ll get some lettuce before the weather gets too hot…I missed the season for cool crops this year.

K is enjoying her playthings this year.  We’ve updated a few things so she’s got several new-to-her toys out back.

Springtime brings lots of rain…and rain brings HAIL.  We’ve already had some of that this year…


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