The garden is taking shape!

The greenhouse is full of plants from the seeds K & I planted and from the Master Gardener show the other week.  Everything is doing so well!

I’ve expanded my lavender to include 3 varieties (English, French, and Fernleaf) and will put those in the corder garden by the gate.

I’ve done a lot of reading and really want to keep the squash bugs and cucumber beetles at bay as long as possible this year, without killing the good bugs.  Along that line, I’ve planted petunias and a ton of radishes. I don’t actually intend on harvesting the radishes, since we don’t like them for food, but they deter squash bugs AND cucumber beetles so they are liberally growing in all the veggie beds (not where they’ll interfere with root growth of the actual plants we want to grow.)  I’m also growing some borage seedlings and will be putting that into the strawberry bed and the main garden beds as well.  It serves as a deterrent for several pests and attracts pollinators we want.  I’m sprouting Milkweed so we can feed the monarchs too!

#naughtylayla is our black lab.  She’s extremely helpful.

I clearly have a lot of weeding to do in the main garden beds.


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