Raised beds & strawberries on the run!

Some friends of ours had some composite boards after they redid their front porch.  They gave them to us and we made a raised bed for outside the kitchen.  Last year I used straw bales in this bed.  That worked ok, until August when everything decomposed pretty much within a week.

I’m excited to see how this bed produces for us.

Last year I planted a handful of small Ozark Beauty strawberry plants in the 4×4 bed off the patio.  They are perennial and ever bearing.  With the mild winter, these things kept growing and jumped the bed!  I had them overflowing and growing in the grass.  My son dug them up for me and I gave them away to friends and folks on a local plant swap group. I’m still finding baby plants…the runners on these things are crazy!

Theoretically, year 2 should yield crazy amounts of berries.  The runners were all year 1 but the ones in the bed are all year 2…I can’t wait!!

Then, some updates on the rest of the garden.  I found a volunteer mint of some sort, I think it was spearmint.   The chives are going on year 3 and doing amazing in the front R bed.  The oregano is still going strong in the center bed and the kitchen sage is doing great in the rear L bed.  There is a lot of bermuda and weed activity in all the beds – fun times.


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