March 31, 2015

I finally decided & bought the seeds I want to sow for summer.

I plan to do butternut squash & cucumbers in the straw bales outside the kitchen.  The okra will go by the fence with sweet potatoes.  We need to till in order to plant those…in past years I had wildflowers in there.  I am doing the scallop squash (pattypan,) yellow crookneck, zucchini, chives, asparagus beans (12″ pole beans) & tomatillos in the regular garden beds.

This will be my second set of seeds this year.  The zinnia are still growing to go into a new bed I intend to till outside the garden wall fence, facing the road near the driveway.  That bed will have zinnia, sunflowers & daisies.

garden 5.8 -27 garden 5.8 -28


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