In The Dirt! 

April 1, 2015

We got the dirt & manure into the raised beds today.  I add more every year so the dirt is really great for the plants.

We also got several plants (some starts, some from seeds) into the ground & bales.  I am excited to see the garden taking shape…last year’s garden was pretty meager since I knew I would be having back surgery in May. Little did I know there would actually be three back surgeries, so the smaller garden was definitely good.

Not this year!  We are going to have a great haul…

The lettuce & strawberry bed…we’ve harvested some already.


i put some lettuce into pots I won’t need until later this season.


Front R bed: chives in the middle from last year, basil, jalapenos & thyme across the front & red bell pepper in the left rear.


Rear right bed: Rosemary from two years ago in the far right corner and two zucchini starts from the seeds I sprouted.


Center Bed: Two jalapenos, several spinaches & oregano in the front right.


Left Rear Bed: jalapeno, established sage & yellow zucchini


Kitchen : cilantro


Kitchen: cherry tomato


Front L bed: mortgage buster tomato in the far corner & basil


Kitchen: cherry tomato, oregano, cilantro & basil



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