Blooming tomatoes and coffee grounds

April 22,2015

Potted lettuce & bee balm
Sprouted nasturtiums
Lettuce & strawberries
peppermint (potted so it doesnt spread)
Flowers on the cherry tomato!
The basil is pretty cranky about all the rain lately. It will darken as the temps heat up.


kitchen sage – recently pruned
The yellow zucchini doesn’t care for wet feet very much. Hopefully it’ll green up as things get hot & dry.
yellow zucchini
oregano planted amongst spinach & tomatillos
Last year’s chives have scapes!
red bell pepper
yarrow (on the hill)
We planted this blueberry bush 2 years ago, so this will be it’s 3rd summer. We plan on adding a 2nd blueberry soon.
i love fresh coffee grounds for my garden…free at any Starbucks!
sprouted tomatillos…I am planting them in the bales located in the raised beds.
A comparative experiment: tomatillos in the soil vs in the bale


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